The Gaugers - Awa wi the Rovin Sailor

Available on CD - Catalogue Number - SLPYCD003 - £11.99

Tom Spiers (vocal, fiddle and viola), Arthur Watson (vocal ad whistle) and the late Peter Hall (vocal, concertina,melodeon and keyboard) are 'The Gaugers' a trio of powerful singers accompanying themselves on a diverse selection of instruments.  They have gained great affection and respect as an outstanding source of material for future generations of traditional Scots singers. 

‘Awa Wi The Rovin Sailor’ uses sea shanties, ballads and songs of the fishermen and whalers of Scotland to illustrate the life of those who earn their living from the sea.  The album was originally released by Aberdeen Central Library in 1994 but has now been licensed and re-issued by Sleepytown. 

17 Tracks - Total Running Time of  53 min 10 sec.

1. Come A’ Ye Fisher Lassies   Arthur vocal  
2. The Herring is the King o’ the Sea   Peter, Arthur and Tom vocals  
3. Ogilvie’s Boat   Tom vocal  
4. The Grey Selchie of Sule Skerry   Peter vocal  
5. Lovely Nancy / Far from Home   Fiddle, concertina and whistle  
6. The Boddamer’s Hinged The Monkey   Arthur vocal  
7. The Diamond Ship Tom vocal  
8. The Handsome Cabin Boy   Peter vocal  
9. Will Your Anchor Hold   Arthur vocal  
10. Tatties and Herrin   Tom vocal  
11. Haul Away The Bowline Arthur vocal  
12. The Bold Princess Royal

Peter vocal

13. The Barnacle Waltz / The Steamboat Waltz   Fiddle, melodeon and whistle  
14. Fareweel Tae Tarwathie   Tom vocal  
15. The Gauger   Arthur vocal  
16. The Sweet Kumadee   Tom vocal  
17. Rolling Home   Peter vocal